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Dr. David Landwehr Reliable Endodontic Outcomes: Simplicity Through Efficiency

Endodontic success is dependent on a variety of interrelated factors, but removal of bacteria from the root canal system is the ultimate goal. Prior to root canal treatment the pathway to endodontic diagnosis may be filled with twists and turns that prevent the clinician from making a definitive and accurate diagnosis. Following diagnosis it is imperative that all canals are located and cleaned to the root apex to achieve maximum disinfection. This hands-on session will place special emphasis on locating the hard-to-find canals prior to using a rotary instrument to establish a predictable and reproducible glide path to the root apex. An evidence based review of cutting edge instrumentation options will be presented with special emphasis on different instrument designs and mechanical movements. Lastly, enhanced irrigation protocols will be explored along with state of the art obturation techniques.


– Increase the accuracy of endodontic diagnosis by understanding the limitations of pulp testing and radiology.

– Develop clinically relevant strategies for locating typical root canal anatomies and tips for identifying hard to find canals.

– Perform an enhanced glide path with mechanical instruments and create the final canal shape with a single-file reciprocating instrument.

– Recognize the benefits of an enhanced irrigation protocol and the importance of a dense three-dimensional obturation.

Course is free for grads from 2019-2023

Course fee for AGD members who graduated before 2019 will be $265

Course fee for Non AGD members is $385

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Contact: Chrisitne Saad DDS
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